HR Contracts Advisor - £14.00 ph + hol pay

3 month temp booking


Experienced HR person required for Local Authority. 

Duties will include (but not be limited to)

  • Assist in managing HR contracts such as Agency staff, Outplacement, Employee Assistance Programme, Recruitment Advertising and Executive search
  •  Review HR contracts in a timely manner, to obtain maximum cost effectiveness from them and ensure that the Council’s interests are protected, and that savings are achieved where possible.
  • Act as the client side and provide an interface between internal customers and the suppliers/ in house team.
  • Co-ordinate and develop performance monitoring of contracts including the preparation of reports and statistics.
  • Monitor and amend the service level agreement of the above contracts.
  • Advise on workforce planning in relation to temporary staff.
  • Chair regular meetings with contractors at which performance is reviewed and operational/ contractual matters are discussed.
  • Work with colleagues from other boroughs to share best practice, and act as the council’s representative at London wide contracts meetings.
  • Undertake project work related to HR such as the Internship Programme, Work on Consultants and the Health and Well-Being Workshops for Managers and staff. 

Only applicants with the relevant experience will be considered.


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