Part-Time Caretaker - £8.50 per hour + holiday pay

Temp Booking;  30th July to 25th August 2017

Morning Shift:  10am - 2pm Monday to Friday

Location:  Chelsea

We are looking for a reliable, hardworking and experienced Residential Caretaker to work part time in Chelsea.

This position would be ideal if you are already working part time and want to earn extra money.

Key duties will include:

  • Hoover the stairs and main floors
  • Dust and polish windowsills, the handrails, and flat surfaces
  • Clean the lift thoroughly
  • Clean and polish the two main front doors
  • Sweep and mop the two main front stairs
  • Change light bulbs inside and outside the building
  • Keep a stock of light bulbs, and pass receipts to LMS for reimbursement
  • Clean accessible windows
  • Wash the stairs leading to the basement
  • Wash the rubbish area down
  • Disinfect all drains
  • Sweep the garden path and do the gardening
  • Collect rubbish from individual(s) bin store, take to the main bin store and put the bins out on the main road for collection
  • Report maintenance issues to the Manager

Skills required:

  • Previous Residential Caretaker experience
  • Ability to work alone unsupervised
  • Self-motivated and reliable
  • Good communication skills
  • Good understanding of Health & Safety requirements

Only applicants with the relevant experience will be considered.

Only PDF, DOC and RTF file formats are accepted

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